MK Bridal Program

What is it?

It is a Bikini Body Transformation Makeover for the bride to be – an MK Bridal Program!

Getting ready to take center stage can be nerve-wracking especially when you want things to be perfect. The Bridal Program is specifically designed to help brides prepare for the big day.

The MK Exclusive Bikini Body Workout Program will help you to look like a Fitness Model without registering for a competition. In the program, you will train as though your final goal is competing. The program combines two parts: fat burning, muscle toning workouts and nutrient rich, muscle-fueling food plans to meet personalized weight loss goals. This program is also suitable for post-pregnancy training.

Don’t tell me, show me! Tomorrow is today. So take action today!  If you have not yet reached your fitness goals, and don’t know where to start, your answer is HERE! You must make a change to begin to feel happy with how you look and feel. All progress is cumulative and working out as little as once or twice a week will get you results. Just decide to start now!

Here, I’ve talked about my workout programs but during your sessions, I’ll show you exactly how to get the results. You will get all the tools to start transforming your body…today.

By signing up for the MK Bridal Program, in 60 days you will begin to get fit and:

  • Discover a simple technique for boosting your metabolism immediately!
  • Learn the MK Fitness exclusive mindset program developed to keep motivation high and burn off body fat. This helps individuals who have had issues with slow progress.
  • Learn how to reduce your body fat by eating quality fats and carbohydrates in the right quantity
  • Increase your body’s natural fat burning by adding this one simple food to your nutrition program.
  • An easy way to increase your fat burning at rest
  • Unique breakfast tips that will speed up your progress
  • Delicious smoothie recipes that will jump start your work outs
  • Learn who can sabotage all your Positive Goals
  • Super-charged fitness tips to sky-rocket motivation
  • Learn about the most important tools and techniques that will torch the fat and build lean muscle
  • Discover MK insider secrets for performing fat burning cardio so you don’t have to spend hours a day in the gym

As your fitness coach, I will provide you with:

  • Immediate attention to your current physical stats including fat testing every two-three weeks, food logs and regular body measurements
  • Continuous positive reinforcement as your health coach
  • Unlimited email and phone consultation to keep you focused with the right information on how to succeed


Be Shapely. Be Healthy.

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