MK Bikini Model Transformation Program

What is it?

After losing a substantial amount of weight – 55 pounds! — and getting my body fat down to a healthy 16%, I have designed a Bikini Model Transformation Program that works for all types of women. This is the program that I used during my second bikini competition in which I placed first!

The MK Bikini Model Transformation Program is specifically created to help women like you! — students, single women, working moms and stay-at-home moms, essentially, any woman looking for a healthier lifestyle with a nice side-effect, a beautiful bikini body!

After my transformation, people noticed. I was blessed to have many interested friends and family members inquiring about how I changed. They all wanted to get the same results that I got. Because of their interest, I created a customized meal plan and training protocol that is specific to the needs of the individual. It’s called the MK Weight Loss and Management Program and it is the basis for all of my fitness programs. Are you meeting your health and fitness goals? Do you even have any?

Healthy eating is the only way that your body will change. Based on your current situation, adding the right vitamins and customized meal plans based on your physique and stats, you can begin creating a body that you will love. The meal plans change from week to week depending on your progress. Using a food and exercise log with specified percentages to track compliance, facilitates my program.

  • Weight loss programs are personally provided by MK Fitness & Wellness to individuals of all fitness levels
  • Individualized strength, cardio and flexibility programs are designed to get you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time
  • Since eating accounts for 80% of results when training, I offer nutritional guidance and meal plans to ensure that your eating habits help you look and feel great
  • Before and after fitness assessments are completed to measure your progress, avoid plateaus and make continuous improvement
  • Unlimited E-mail & Phone Coaching to keep you motivated and make sure you stay on track
  • Local health-conscious chefs will provide delicious and healthy cooking lessons


Do you want to spend three years with the same trainer or program and keep looking the same? Don’t keep spending thousands of dollars on a trainer that isn’t making a difference (and can make you look even worse! Training incorrectly can set you back and, of course, eating incorrectly will hamper any results. I am speaking from my own personal experience, and know, first-hand, the detrimental outcomes of ineffective training.

Benefits of signing up for The MK Fitness & Bikini Model Program

Train like a Fitness & Bikini Model and get maximum results with minimum time commitments by being consistent with your training. It truly is a matter of quality versus quantity! Benefits include:

  • Eating (a lot of yummy and satisfying foods) like a Fitness Bikini Model- Your body will perform with more energy, stamina and endurance!
  • Creating a beauty regimen like a Fitness & Bikini Model. Your hair, skin and face will be the picture of health.
  • Pre and post competition mental training
  • Posing and stage presence
  • Learning how to be sponsored and published
  • Gaining confidence for the stage
  • Gaining knowledge from experienced competitors on how to get noticed when you walk onto a stage
  • Creating feminine muscle definition!
  • Learning how get an agent or manager

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