MK Fitness Bootcamp

What is it?

The MK Fitness Boot Camp is a three-week, outdoor-fitness program with a high intensity of cardio that you can learn and participate at your own fitness level. I have designed a boot camp to speed fat loss, and to build and tone muscle. It is specifically created to help overweight women. Clients should come to me with an open mind, be prepared to learn and ready to change their health and lifestyle forever.

Dedication is perfection! Always health!

You can enjoy and still achieve exercising at different levels of the MK Boot Camp! Even if you don’t have boot camp experience, the intensity of the work out will be based on your level of ability at the time of sign up. As with all of the MK Fitness programs, before and after measurements and progress will be logged intermittently throughout the program.Nutritional progress is also monitored.


  • lose 5 to 10 lbs weight loss
  • have 4 to 7 % decrease in body fat
  • Reduce sugar craving
  • Reduce Bad Fat cravings
  • Reduce Bad Carb cravings


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