MK Beauty Queen Program

MK Beauty Queen Nutrition and Exercise Program

“Reach your Winning Body’’

The MK Beauty Queen Nutrition & Exercise Program is specifically created to help Beauty Queen women LIKE YOU — students, single women, working moms and stay-at-home moms, essentially, any woman looking for a beautiful healthier lifestyle with a nice side-effect, a Beauty Queen Tone Winning body!

I created a meal plan and training protocol that is specific to the needs of the individual it’s called The MK Beauty Queen Nutrition & Exercise Program and it is the basis for all of my fitness programs.

Healthy eating is absolutely necessary in order for your body to change. Based on your current situation, adding the right meals from the MK meal plan, you can begin creating a healthy Queen body that you will love forever. Using the MK food and exercise log, you will get Beautiful and healthy for life.


  • Individualized strength, cardio, and flexibility programs are designed to get you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.
  • Since eating accounts for 80% of results when training, I offer nutritional guidance and meal plans to ensure that your eating habits help you look and feel great.
  • “Before and After” Beauty Queen fitness assessments are completed to measure your progress, avoid plateaus and make continuous improvement.
  • Unlimited E-mail & Phone Coaching to keep you motivated and make sure you stay on track.
  • Local health-conscious chefs will provide delicious and healthy cooking lessons.


Mary Kaminski Mrs Latina Global

The MK Beauty Queen Nutrition and Exercise Program is one of my favorite programs for the “woman that wants it all” because I combined my Bikini Program that is specifically designed for the Bikini Division from the Fitness Industry with that of the Swimsuit Category of the Beauty Pageant Industry.

Now with this program, Bikini Models, Fitness Competitors, and Champion Title Holders can cross the line and successfully participate in Pageants, or vice-versa! Yes nothing is impossible as I am living proof having made it in both Fitness Competitions and Beauty Pageants and I am confident that with my help you can do it as well.

Since receiving my title of Mrs. Latina Global I am excited and grateful of becoming more involved in our global community and being able to help less fortune kids around the world as one of my “Queen Causes” by providing them the right choices of healthy food, healthy water, and exercise. I love teaching “persevering” goals that will help keep them going, no matter where they started in life, with the most important being where they focus and go.

Likewise, by participating in the MK Beauty Queen Program, you will receive that same enthusiasm, commitment, and love I have for helping others to help you successfully achieve your goals!

Blessings of Health Always,



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