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Fitness Coach

After losing a substantial amount of weight – 55 pounds! — and getting my body fat down to a healthy 16%, I have designed a Bikini Model Transformation Program that works for all types of women. This is the program that I used during my second bikini competition in which I placed first!

Mary Kaminski

Mary Kaminski – My Story

Mary Kaminski, a native of Venezuela, is a runway and fitness cover model. When Mary realized that her health mattered, she embarked on a weight loss and fitness program that resulted in such a dramatic transformation that she was featured on KTL5 NEWS. She began competing on the professional level in 2010 and holds several titles including National Ms. Bikini, 2nd place among 37 previous competitors and title holders, and, first place and overall GNC NPC Pacific USA XVI Bodybuilding Bikini & Figure Championships. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and speaks English and Spanish. She runs two companies, a language tutoring school for children, teens and adults, and, a lifestyle consulting business. She is a Transformation Coach, Personal Trainer, Published Fitness Writer, Model Manager Sponsor,Fitness and Beauty pageant Judge.

A seasoned marathon runner, Mary also enjoys travelling around the world and meeting people of different cultures, enjoying their foods and unique museums. Mary lives her personal motto of “Always health!” and no matter who you are, she believes health is available to all who desire it.

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Why Work With Me?

Her goal is to inspire people to live a healthy and natural lifestyle. She loves living her dreams and making them a reality because it inspires others to achieve their own personal goals. She is positive person that loves living a fun and healthy lifestyle. Her latest endeavor to help overweight individuals was developing a health and exercise program in Montclair, California. Through her weight loss consulting and coaching, Mary has helped both obese and diabetics create dramatic results in which all experienced a significant reduction of body fat.